Our Mission

Building Zion‐Across the West Our Mission Statement is:

Zion is about strong families and good neighbors. All of our projects seek to help families, neighbors, and communities in their efforts to achieve Zion. We invite you to learn more about what Zion means to us: Learn More.

Our Church encourages us to do good wherever we live. The Weaver Research Institute is a St. George based non-profit. We hope to expand our outreach over time, but "Across the West" is all the broader that we dream for today. We hope that many of our tools can serve good people throughout the world, but our first obligation is to help those closest to us.

Our current projects fall into two groups: Scriptural Science and Zion Communities. For us they represent learning and doing. We invite you to visit these sites and learn more about how education and service can build Zion: www.scripturalscience.org and www.zioncommunities.org.

We are a largely LDS organization. We invite you to learn more about our faith and values which push us to be better people and help others: Our Values / Faith.