Our Goals

Admittedly, we are a small organization with many lofty goals. Our future goals and dreams are real for us, but right now we are just working on a few focused projects that match our resources which we think can help others, each in the Scriptural Science area.

Scripture Research Tools:

Our principle focus right now is developing our Scripture Research Tools. We want to help Members and good Christians of all faiths in establishing a faithful habit of daily scripture study. In the early years we believe this is bests accomplished by steady sequential reading, cover to cover if you will, through each of the books of the canon. As one begins to master the basic canon we have found that although daily chapter reading is still the best way to feel the Holy Spirit and grow in our faith, new approaches are often helpful to keep our scripture study alive and vibrant. Visit our "Reading Methods" page to see some of our suggestions on daily scripture study. Our main goal right now is to develop a handful of useful tools that help people continue to access their scriptures daily as they increase in their knowledge of God's word. These tools will be designed to help Members come to know the prophets and role models given in the scriptures, understand better the history presented in the scriptures, and to aid in focused doctrinal study on basic gospel principles like faith and repentance. All of these will seek to aid and encourage daily chapter reading.

Accessing Technical Science:

Once we have our basic Scripture Research Tools completed we will turn our focus to creating some basic tools to help students and others Access Technical Science. We hope our tools can be of use to universities and other organizations focused on continuing education. Our goal is to help build bridges between lay audiences and peer-reviewed archival journals and other highly technical literature used by our nations leading scholars. We hope they will be useful to persons of varied disciplines as they seek to branch out into a greater breadth of knowledge.

Theory Builder:

Another long term goal is to build bridges between spiritual learning and secular learning. We believe that the scriptures can be used as a foundation for all learning, in all fields. Someday we hope to develop tools to aid budding scholars in developing new theories and ideas in varied branches of science and providing a professional outlet for new, well-researched concepts with a scriptural foundation.