Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scriptural Science?

Scriptural Science is a phrase we have coined to describe the process of engaging in the complimentary virtues of 1) a solid habit of daily scripture study and 2) really reaching into higher learning and continuing education. It has at its base the premise that all learning can be done from a scriptural foundation and that all truth, whether spiritual or secular, testifies of Christ and the plan of Salvation. We have developed a website dedicated to answering this question and to help others in their pursuit of these virtues. We invite you to visit our site and browse around: Scriptural Science. Hopefully you will find things that are of benefit to you and your family.

What is a Zion Community?

Zion Communities is a new phrase we have coined to describe a group of people striving to live as a Zion people. Specifically we see Zion as a group of people who love one another, enjoy working together, seek to do good, and really try to not leave anyone out. We have introduced this name to help express our goals to build tools that help families and neighbors connect with others near them to effectively carry out work projects that benefit their local neighborhood. We invite you to visit our Zion Communities website: Learn More.

What is the connection between Scriptural Science and Zion Communities?

For us, it is about learning and doing. Scriptural Science is about our spiritual and secular learning. Zion Communities is about service and helping others. We believe these are intimately connected. The goal is to come unto Christ and be perfected in him. Knowing God involves as much living as it does learning. We believe that as we search the scriptures, become able professionals, and build up Zion in our own families and neighborhoods we will begin to fulfill Christ's grand mandates. Our organization believes we can build a few web tools to help people in these pursuits. If we can help no more than our own children and our own neighbors to do a little better at these things we will count our labors as having been worth the price.

Why are you doing this?

We have been surprised how often we get this question. The honest answer is we just want to do good. The initial impetus to start an organization probably came from Thomas' and Lance' archaeology and geology research; however, the roots really lie in our LDS background and the real need we saw for building a solid foundation in the scriptures for all our secular learning. From this grew the Scriptural Science process and our Scriptural Science goals. Through the archaeology and the geology Thomas and Lance also got an incredible view of how past civilizations, specifically those of the Americas and the Fertile Crescent, applied the teachings of the Book of Mormon and the Bible in their material culture and settlement patterns. Daily scripture study and meditating on the relevance of these findings helped us see ways of building communities, both as families caring about other families, and in actual zoning decisions, that inspired our efforts to start developing tools to build Zion Communities.

If you could accomplish your dream, what would it look like?

Admittedly the tools we have built thus far and the few dreams and goals we have shared on the previous pages are just a small sampling of our hopes. We have many goals, but they all share the same basic principles. For Scriptural Science it is about using the scriptures as our foundation for all learning. We believe we can help others do this by 1) creating a handful of effective tools to help others in their goal to read the scriptures daily; and 2) developing some basic resources to help others with their continuing education goals by building bridges between basic textbooks and real, scholarly research contained in peer-reviewed archival journals and other similar publications. We believe that the tools we have conceptually developed will be a great benefit to others.

For Zion Communities it is about knowing, loving, and working with our neighbors, as families, to make our little spot on earth a little more like heaven. We believe we can help others with this by 1) creating resources that allow families to know and love the natural and historical resources of their community; 2) producing some basic tools that help families choose, plan, and successfully carry out projects in their neighborhood that bring neighbors together, help them build strong friendships, allow them to share their talents, and that make their neighborhood a better place; and 3) teaching basic principles regarding Zion to help developers and city planners in high growth areas of the country make family friendly urban designs.

Most of the above is all about web tools. Beyond the tools it will be the doing by users of the site that really produces the good. As such, helping people succeed and making the tools truly useful are essential parts of the overall goal.

What are your 2 year, 5 year, and long range goals?

During the past few years we have put a considerable amount of time into our Zion Communities projects. During the coming several years most of our projects will be in the Scriptural Science area, as shared in "Our Goals". After we have made some real progress on our Scriptural Science projects we will likely put some more effort into creating a first level of actual Zion Communities tools and resources. Much of this will be affected by funding. If you want to help we encourage you to "contact us" or make a "donation". We appreciate your interest in our exciting future.